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Golam A Khan Presents at MetaCentre Orlando, Florida on Apparel XR

Happy to be recognized as a Tech Leader and looking forward to presenting at The MetaCenter MCGW on Oct 18th in Orlando, Florida

I will be sharing the platform with the Mayor of Orlando the Mayor of Orange County, and software developers from NASA Unity and Amazon among other distinguished individuals at the Metacenter Global Week in Orlando, FL on October 18, 2023 at Tier #4.

Metacentre Global Week brought together by immerse Global Summit and Synapse Florida this week is undoubtedly the leading platform for the XR and metaverse tech movers and shakers. 

hashtag#Orlando is set to be the hashtag#metaverse hashtag#XR capital of the world. With business backed by policy, having heard from political and business leaders, and meeting people from every corner of the world in this space 🚀 I have no doubt this will be achieved. 

It was fascinating to discover military tech and space research work being done here. 

I also got to try out new technology such as the Meta Quest 3.

Grateful for this opportunity.


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