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VIP @ FilmGate Miami

As a music lover, and someone who has studied French cinema and hosted radio shows playing world music; the entertainment industry has always been alluring to me.

Our entertainment company FabriKite Creative Group Inc. continues to rock at the global stage with A stars. 


The invitation to join FilmGate Miami as VIP guests as part of a Canadian delegation is an honor I am proud of. 

The FilmGate Interactive #09 Exhibitions spanned across Miami including the Frost Museum of Science, Various Locations around Downtown Miami & Miami Beach; The Downtown Media Center; The SE Financial Center; and, O Cinema South Beach. 

The event hosted artists and enterprises from Korea, Japan, Germany, France and Canada, including ours. 


These pictures are from the final day of events, a VIP only boat cruise which left from Miami Port. I had the pleasure to meet with some great people on this trip and I am grateful. 


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