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AGAMI @ Metaverse Summit | Economist Impact

I am pleased to state that our company Agami Dev Labs has been selected as a delegate to attend the inaugural Global Metaverse Summit 2022 spearheaded by The Economist Group.

We have been issued with the VIP pass reserved for senior corporate professionals in relevant functions at brands or corporations.

Quest Pro Review in Progress: Built for a Future That Still Isn't Here via CNET

@ Silicon Valley California

w/ Alvin Graylin, China President of HTC VR leading the Vive business in the region

w/ Zehua Zhu of PICO by ByteDance (parent company of TikTok) 

w/ Jeff Headington, Managing Director HSBC and David Kadio-Morokro of EY

w/ Krista Kim of

W/ Philip Rosedale who founded Linden Lab which develops and hosts the virtual world Second Life

W/ Edward Bowles Global director of public policy , Meta Financial Technologies


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