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LAL Performs at the Adelaide Hall in Toronto. 

BBC News UK recently published a piece on the influence of underground electronic music by South Asian artists such as JOI. I came across JOI in the 90's in Dhaka through a friend, along with bands like State of Bengal. I visited this show to experience the vocal and intellectual magic of Rosina Kazi a Canadian girl from Bangladesh steadily enriching the local underground music scene with new sounds and thoughts. LAL presented THE FORESTin association with The Academy Presents and CIUT 89.5 FM The Forest was a presentation catalog of previous releases alongside new sounds from Toronto.  featuring... LAL ( Just John ( Eyeda ( sounds by: DURTYDABZ (Adabu Zimmerman) (Afro/Latin/Electronic Beats) hosted by: David Delisca Supported by and in support of... Black Lives Matter No One Is Illegal End Immigration Detention Network Blank Canvas Omit Limitations Fusicology 40oz Heroes CIUT 89.5

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