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1WVAC: Lee B Promotions bring World Class Boxing Event to GTA

If you are cognizant of Toronto happenings you must have come across Gangster Burger and FYInk. Well, the man behind these popular establishments where celebrity sightings such as Drake is not uncommon brings a world class boxing event to Toronto. Lee Baxter, a notable proponent of youth empowerment through his boxing club put together a match up of fighters from Hamilton, Toronto, Argentina, Mexico and the Philippines among others. #FabriKite took in the fights with ringside seats and is in awe of the finesse exemplified by the fighters.

Two of Ontario’s biggest stars of the past decade returned home on the same night. Logan Cotton McGuinness and Samuel Vargas returned to the ring in Ontario and were the final fights of the night.

Live music was performed by The Mahones, a Canadian Irish punk band, formed on St. Patrick's Day in 1990. The Mahones’ music has appeared in several major films. Recently, their song “Paint The Town Red 2010” was featured in the climactic final fight scene of The Fighter, starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, and Amy Adams.

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