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DressShift - Toronto Startup Helps Fashion Designers to Revive Economy

By Jedannah Maria Vieira ​Last month, I wrote about the strategic importance of investing in our local Fashion industry.

Not only does it bring new jobs to the city, but it revives the local design hub, which stimulates other local industries. New York is thinking this way. And it’s time that Toronto started too. Which is why I am thrilled to have spent time with Toronto’s own FabriKite this week.

Golam Ahmad Khan is the Founder of FabriKite, a Toronto-based garment and clothing manufacturer. Alongside growing the business, FabriKite is keen to rebuild local craftsmanship for the benefit of tomorrow’s young labour force.

Tell me about the vision and ambition behind FabriKite as a fashion startup:

We’re celebrating our one-year anniversary as a local business but our vision is steeped in personal history and tradition.

I’ve always been devoted to social enterprising and spent time working with Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Mohammed Yunus consulting large, multinational companies on their approach to it. My family built the first women’s college in the district of Shariatpur in Bangladesh.

The company name FabriKite actually came from spending time at this women’s college. While helping a young boy with hi