#FabriKite proud to support Oporajeo Bangladesh - Toronto Star Article

October 8, 2014

FabriKite proud to support Oporajeo Bangladesh.



Aug 31, 2014
Toronto Star

Oporajeo (“the invincible”) has arisen in Bangladesh out of the dust and ashes of the Rana Plaza tragedy. In this firm, which calls itself the Dream Factory, workers earn legally stipulated wages and an equal share of 50 per cent of the firm’s profit. The remaining profits are reinvested or go to educational funds (for the children of workers) and short term loan funds (e.g., health care needs of workers severely injured in the Rana Plaza disaster). Like all start-ups, worker-owned firms and co-operatives face challenges. Oporajeo cites a need for a steady supply of orders, technical and financial support for quality assurance, and professional management expertise for its business model.

Final product by Oporajeo commissioned by FabriKite. 











Final product by Oporajeo commissioned by FabriKite. 

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